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Glimpses From The Past

церковный раскол причины и последствия Written by Merlin Pederson - Pope County Museum on . Posted in Historical Society News

The outside work on the new [Cyrus] bank is fast nearing completion and it is now quite evident that the owners and people of this community will have one of the niftiest little banks in the country. All we need now to Make Cyrus a sure ‘nough metropolis is a nice two story brick hotel building, an up-to-date garage, an electric light plant, water works system, some more cement walks and few minor improvements, all which will be forthcoming at some future date.

The Plymouth Brethren have made extensive improvements on their house of worship in Lowry.  They have constructed a basement under the church, which they will use for Sunday school and other similar purposes. Several hundred dollars have been expended and church and grounds will be improved very much when the work gets done.

Forada beat Lowry 6 to 4 last Sunday in the closest game played on the home grounds this year. The fielding of the local team was far from errorless and they did not seem to be able to hit McClellan safely. This is the second game Lowry has lost in eleven played this year.

At a meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers Elevator Association last Wednesday it was voted to purchase the Atlantic Elevator. They intend to have both houses open during the busy season, because either one is not large enough to handle all the grain. The farmers will take possession of it this week and Robert Hume will be in charge. Mr. Erickson who has been manager for the Atlantic here for several years will go to Sedan where he will run an elevator for the same company.

I.M. Engebretson sold his Ford to Geo. Jurgenson and purchased a new Dodge auto from J.J. Hagstrom.

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First Annual Scrub Run In Glenwood

First annual Scrub Run honors Dr. Mark Johnson

If you see a contingent of scrub-clad people running along North Lakeshore Drive on Aug. 29, don’t be alarmed—there’s no emergency. It’s simply the route of the first annual Scrub Run/Walk 5K, an event sponsored by Glacial Ridge Health System and inspired by Dr. Mark Johnson. Dr. Johnson served the community as a physician at GRHS beginning in 1990 and passed away in February 2015.

Quinn Jacobs, RN and emergency room nurse manager, said fitness was an important part of Dr. Johnson’s lifestyle, and he encouraged his patients to be active in their daily lives. “He was definitely a role model for healthy behavior,” she said.  “He walked to work almost every day—with his fluffy white dog by his side—and also took advantage of many classes offered through the fitness center.”

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2015 Pope County Fair

2015 Pope County Fair

Wild RideDespite intermittent rain making some mud last Thursday, little ones made tracks to and through the Pope County Fair for Daycare Day. The Children’s Barnyard was a popular stop on the tour of the fair. Petting a goat brought out smiles from Ally Shiffler. Children started off their day with arts and crafts, making a fluffy and colorful sheep with cotton balls and crayons. Other days included Senior Citizen’s Day, Family Day and Hometown Hero Day.

The Miniature Tuff-n-Nuff Rodeo rocked the Grandstand at the Pope County Fair on Saturday evening with barrel racing, bull riding, miniature bareback riding and wild pony races. The younger ages had to ride the bull for six seconds to be scored by the judges.

From turtle races to racing rides on the midway, special events and (of course) fair food, this year’s Pope County Fair had something for everyone to enjoy.
Photo by Starbuck Times

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Artifacts Found On DNR Site

Artifacts found on DNR site
About 1,500 years ago, people gathered on the northern shores of Lake Minnewaska to work, rest and share meals—and thanks to a recent archaeological dig, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has the pottery to prove it.
Mike Magner, an archaeologist with the DNR’s Forestry and Fish & Wildlife divisions, explained that when the DNR takes on building projects, it is standard procedure to have archaeologists examine the affected area for possible impacts to historical sites.
One such site was found at the DNR project underway at the local Fish & Wildlife office—a failing building along North Lakeshore Drive which is being torn down to make way for a new, energy-efficient, zero-carbon footprint facility.
Magner said he hesitates to label the site “prehistoric” because of the caveman connotation. “These were sophisticated people,” he explained. Instead, he calls it a pre-contact site—meaning before the native population had contact with Europeans.

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Amoeba Not Cause Alexandria Boy’s Death

Amoeba did not cause Alexandria boy’s death, lab tests say

SwimmersLaboratory testing has ruled out an amoeba as the cause of death of Hunter Boutain, a 14-year-old Alexandria boy who doctors originally thought died after contracting a rare condition while swimming in Lake Minnewaska.
The testing conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has determined that Hunter Boutain did not die from suspected primary amoebic meningoencephalitis as reported in early July, but instead from streptococcal meningoencephalitis.
Photo by Pope County Tribune

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Cyrus New Fire Hall Taking Shape

Cyrus sees new fire hall building taking shape

Cyrus Fire Chief Jeff Anderson at the Cyrus City Council meeting on July 14 reported on the progress of the fire hall saying the site has been completed, and the building should be starting soon. Chief Anderson also presented a change order for the council to approve for add-ons to the project. A change order for $7,785.00, which includes an eye wash station, wash sink, ceiling tile in the meeting room, and larger entry was approved.

Water distribution project
Bryan Bye from Widseth Smith Nolting was present and went over the bids for the water distribution project. He explained that the city should wait to award the bid until after Aug. 11, when the city opens the bids on the water filtration plant. By contract, Cyrus has 60 days to approve the bids and award the project on the water distribution project; that way the city can get a better idea on the total cost of the total project.  

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Star Lanes Demolished Tuesday

A big piece of Starbuck history is now gone.

star lane demo The Star Lanes Bowling Alley on West 6th Street was demolished on Tuesday, July 28.
The building has been sitting vacant for just over two years due to a storm causing the roof to cave in effectively shutting down the business.

History of Star Lanes according to Starbuck Centennial Book 1883-1983:
In the year 1958, Luther Kristensen, local teacher at that time, wanted to establish a bowling alley in Starbuck. Earl Larson purchased the building from Henry Nodland, which had been built to house the Harry Henrikson, Ted Rydholm and Wesley Magnuson Implement, and Henry Nodland’s office, which is now Esther Ann Olson’s Beauty Shop and S.B. Wilson Veterinary Office. A thirty-three foot addition was built to accomodate the bowling lanes. A contract with Brunswick Corporation to furnish and install the six lanes with automatic pinsetters, lockers, setters, balls, ball racks and all other equipment necessary. The lanes were ready for play the fall of 1959 with six nights of league play.
In 1962, Luther Kristensen wanted to sell the lanes, and Earl Larson entered into a contract with Brunswick to purchase the equipment at Star Lanes with the modernization of the pinsetters to A2, which sped up play. A twenty-four by sixty foot game room was built, and pool tables and pinball machines were installed.
1976 was another year for modernizing - installation of automatic scorers, new carpeting, setters, masking units, everything to make Star Lanes a first class bowling center.
In 1980, Roger and Darryl Larson purchased the Star Lanes, and Earl Larson stayed on as manager.
In 1982, there were 78 teams participating in league play.

Photo by WaskaWeb

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