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Showstoppers Winter Production

Beat the winter blues with a little chocolate from Showstoppers

Coming up this weekend, Showstoppers volunteers are aiming to continue the tradition of giving back to the community with the winter dinner theater production Death By Chocolate. Proceeds from this year’s show are slated for the Pope County Historical Society and Pope County Lions Clubs’ projects.
A murder mystery steeped in quirky characters who often aren’t quite who they seem, Death by Chocolate follows the antics of detective Nick Noir as he attempts to crack a case for the owners of the Precious Perks Coffee Shoppe.
Death by Chocolate will hit the stage on Jan. 30 and 31 at Lakeside Ballroom in Glenwood. Tickets are $25 per person for the dinner and show and are available at Tom’s Food Pride in Glenwood and Starbuck.
On both Jan. 30 and 31, social hour will start at 5:30 p.m., dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m., and the show will begin at approximately 7:30 p.m. There is no reserved seating for the show. Visit www.minnewaskashowstoppers.org for more information.

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Glimses From The Past

From the Glenwood Herald January 7, 1915

E.  Kaldahl’s  ice crew is busy putting up ice for the coming year’s ice cream and creamery business.  Mr. Kaldahl’s business is growing every year and it has been necessary for him to enlarge his ice house.  He has volunteered to furnish ice at cost to any farmer customers who wish to put up ice now in order that their cream may be kept in better condition for the market next summer.

Whist teams captained by David Bogie and Ole j. Quam will contend for championship honors at the City Hall this evening.  Mr. Bogie’s team has already established a record by winning decisively from J. A. Eastman’s bunch of picked players.  There are those however who expect that Quam’s team will give Bogie and his clan considerable trouble this evening.  Quam’s team is composed entirely of experts in the great Norwegian game, all of whom are imported directly from Norway for the occasion.  That is at least a report which has gained credence around town during the day.

Sigurd  Bergeson, of Virginia, Minn., is in Glenwood today.  Mr. Bergeson is the National Amateur Champion skier of America.  He won that title at the National Ski Tournament last year.  Mr. Bergeson was out at the ski scaffold last evening and this forenoon doing a little practicing.  He says our slide is one of the best in America.

Clara Ennen’s young son fractured his collar bone while skiing Monday.  The broken part was attended to immediately and the boy is doing as nicely as can be expected.

Rev. & Mrs.  A. J. Lee were tendered a surprise New Year’s night by members of the Glenwood Lutheran congregation as an expression of the good will in which the estimable couple is held and of the splendid work which Rev. Lee has done both for the congregation and for the Old Peoples Home.   Several musical selections were given and refreshments were served.  Prof. B. K. Savre who was in Glenwood at the time spoke on behalf of the visitors and conveyed their good wishes to Rev. and Mrs. Lee.  A purse of money was presented to the honored guests as a further token of esteem.

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Glimses From The Past

From the Glenwood Herald December 10, 1914

Some of the hunters of our city are planning to get together sometime before New Year, choose sides and go on a rabbit hunt.  The side shooting the most rabbits wins the contest.  The losers will treat the winners to a New Year’s dinner.

Geo. A. Fischer has been given the contract for constructing a residence for Mr. Jordahl on his property west of this city.  This has been a busy season for our contractors and carpenters, and Mr. Fischer has been kept as busy as anyone in his profession.

The Senior class will give a literary program at the high school Friday evening, December 11.  The principle feature of the program will be a debate between representatives of the junior and senior classes on the question ‘Resolved that religious instruction should be given in the public schools, constitutionality granted.’  Juniors will debate on the affirmative side, while the seniors will defend the negative.  An interesting discussion is assured.  A small admission fee of ten cents will be charged.

The Gleaner Farm Club met at the home of Mrs. C. F. Cooley last Friday evening.  There was a large attendance and an excellent program was rendered.  A rest room in Glenwood was one of the topics for discussion.  Sentiment in favor of one was general and a committee consisting of Mrs. A. D. Anderson, Mrs. Edwin James and Miss Mary Hibbard was chosen to investigate what might be done in the matter.  We are glad to report that definite action has been taken in the matter and that we shall have a place for this purpose in a short time.

A basketball social will be given at the Woodmen hall on Friday evening, Dec 11 for the benefit of the Grove Lake School.  Lunch will be served to those not desiring baskets.  The play ‘Hans von Smash’ will be presented and the Grove Lake band will play.  Everybody come and have a good time.

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Ag Society To Hold Annual Meeting

Pope County Agricultural Society annual meeting will be held on November 17, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at the Starbuck VFW community room.  All members and interested citizens are welcomed to attend. Only members will be allowed to vote on society matters.

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Fire breaks out at 10 Mile Tavern

Fire breaks out at 10 Mile Tavern

Sauk Centre and Villard Fire Departments responded to a call last Tuesday about 6 p.m. at 10 Mile Tavern near Westport. The fire reportedly started in a wall of the building in the basement, and was quickly contained by firefighters. The Glenwood Fire Department was called to provide mutual aid, but the fire was under control before they arrived, it was reported.

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Candidate forum draws good crowd

Candidate forum draws good crowd at Minnewaska Lutheran Home

The candidates for the City of Starbuck Mayor and Council open positions gave their thoughts and opinions during a candidate forum put on October 7 at the Minnewaska Lutheran Home.
On November 4, the citizens of Starbuck will be able to cast their votes for a new Mayor and also two new council members.
For Mayor the choices are Dori S. Ann and Gary Swenson.
Three candidates, Cary Jenson, Tom Spychalla and Ted Razink are looking to fill the two open four year positions.
Steve Gorder is running for the two year council position unopposed.
Numerous issues were covered such as how to get more people to volunteer, how to retain the businesses Starbuck has and do economic development to bring more businesses in. Other issues discussed were the best way to improve the aging infrastructure, thoughts on lowering the speed limit going north and south from the four way stop to the Dairy Queen, how effective blight notices are and how to enforce them.

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