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Glenwood's 150th Kick Off Party плановый срок проверок инструкций по охране труда Written by Deb Mercier - Tribune Editor on . Posted in News перечень видов разрешенного использования земельных участков 2015

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Glenwood’s 150th Celebration Becomes Official

Glenwood City Commissioners declared 2016 as the “official 150th anniversary of the founding of Glenwood.”  

That action took place at last Tuesday’s regular city commission meeting after the city had received a proclamation recognizing the 150th anniversary year signed by Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton.

In September, the city commission allocated about $5,000 to kick off fundraising for the celebration, with much of that money going to purchase commemorative signage for street signs in the downtown area.  The money was also used to help fund a 150th anniversary logo and provided support for efforts by a planning committee to begin work on the year-long celebration.  The 150th committee is a subcommittee of the Comprehensive Community Improvement Initiative (CCII).

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Rotary’s Ethics Workshop Well Received by MAHS Students

Rotary’s ethics workshop resonates with MAHS students

A group of juniors and seniors from Minnewaska Area High School recently gathered at Lakeside Ballroom in Glenwood to delve into a subject not easily defined and packaged: ethics. MAHS students were joined by their peers from Sauk Centre High School for a full-day workshop hosted by the Eagan Rotary Club and brought to the area through the efforts of the Glenwood and Sauk Centre rotaries.

MAHS participants were nominated by their teachers, and included 10 juniors and 11 seniors. Participating juniors were Ashley Anderson, Shawn Stumpf, Colin Richards, Alex Larson, Chris Claussen, Abby VerSteeg, Carter Westberg, Hannah Trainor, Hunter Dougherty and Cassie Philips. Seniors selected to attend were Grant Hitchcock, Garret Bartels, Mary Wuollet, Miranda Cerney, Courtney Schmidt, Brett Buckingham, Greg Helander, Riley Kinney, Emma Middendorf, Michael Gruber and Craig Spore.

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City of Glenwood Approves Tax Levy

Glenwood commission approves final tax levy

After a brief Truth in Taxation hearing, Glenwood City Commissioners last Tuesday approved the final levy and budget for 2016. 
The approved budget and levy remained unchanged from the preliminary budget approved on Nov. 10.   The general fund was set at $1,200,118, with a tax abatement (Midwest Machinery) at $9,810, bringing the total property tax levy to $1,209,928.    That’s an increase of about 6 percent over the 2015  budget and levy.  
That means the city’s levy has increased about 10 percent since 2014.
Mike Holland was the only city property owner to voice a concern at the city’s Truth in Taxation hearing, which lasted only 10 minutes.  Holland told commissioners that his property value did increase by about $100,000 due to construction, but said he didn’t undertand how that added value could increase the city portion of his taxes by 56 percent.  “The math just doesn’t make sense,” Holland told the commission.  “I can understand 25 to 30 percent, because the value went from $300,000 to $400,000, but not 56 percent.”
Holland was told that there are a number of factors that go into figuring property tax and City Administrator Dave Iverson said he should “check with the county assessor’s office” to make sure there wasn’t an error.  The city now contracts with the county to do its residential and business assessments, Iverson said.
Commissioner Todd Gylsen questioned money in the “capital funds” for the ice rink and the beach, since the city doesn’t operate an ice rink at this time.
Glenwood Public Works Director Dave Perryman said the city has been and is continuing to put money away for a new building at the city’s beach.
“So we’re socking money away for a future project?  That makes sense,” Gylsen said.

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Community Comes Together For Thanksgiving Dinner

434 gather for free Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving 250The annual free Thanksgiving dinner, held at Minnewaska Area High School, went off without a hitch on Nov. 26 thanks to the many volunteers who make the dinner possible. According to one of the dinner’s organizers, Audrey Erickson, meals served for the day topped out at 434. Of those, 252 were served at the school and 182 were delivered to homes throughout the community.
 Pictured, volunteers were geared up and ready to dish up meals along the school’s cafeteria serving line.  Community members had a chance to enjoy good food and good company. Below, volunteers offered rides from the parking lot to the door, making it easy for community members to get inside and out of the cold.

Photo by Marta Johnson

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